Our brands

BFC - beauty & face care
BOA - PresoLimf
M3 - enjoy the connection
Nuximia - smart laser device
Reactify - get things connected
Skinic - The beautiful way to manage your business

Crazy about beauty


CM International S.A. is a Polish manufacturer with a broad product portfolio and one the fastest growing companies in the beauty industry.
Our passion for skin care is what drives us and makes us unique. We have built trust by staying close to our clients and developing innovative skin care products that are tailored to their needs.

Since 2011, We have developed aesthetic brands like BFC, Reactify, Preso Limf, M3, T3, Nuximia, Nexus and Skinic software.

Our strength is our ability to develop innovative, high quality products that can be found in aesthetic centers around the globe.
“IMPOSSIBLE” is always “POSSIBLE” for us.

Our Mission & Vision: Revolutionize the beauty industry

The first in the world


CMI S.A. created and developed the first smart beauty device in the world which has been the bestseller since we launch it for the first time. Thanks to this, we were able to take the beauty industry into the new level by using all the advantages that the Internet gives.

The new concept turned out to be a hit! Every potential problem with a machine & beauty business has been solved just in one multifunctional machine: M3. An absolutely new way of billing, a real time diagnostics, free software and just one cable for all heads. It was like a dream come true for customers!

CMI S.A. managed to be one-step ahead and serve the growing needs of both patients and practitioners around the world.

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Technology is our weapon

It is not a coincidence that our devices are chosen by the most luxuries hotels, hospitals, dermatological clinics or SPA.
Our innovative technology is our strength.
Each stage of work is developed by our engineers. Having specialists in every field, production facilities and machine parks, we offer equipment fully made in Poland.