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Who we are?

CM International S.A. is a Polish manufacturer of electronic devices.

We started as a manufacturer of cosmetic equipment. However, over the last few years, as we have gained knowledge and experience in engineering and electronics, we have started to design devices for external companies.
Today, we manufacture thousands of devices for third-party companies, but we continue to create more and more innovative solutions in the beauty industry that are recognised worldwide.

CMI S.A. created and developed the first SMART BEAUTY DEVICE in the world which has been the bestseller since we launch it for the first time. Thanks to this, we were able to take the beauty industry into the new level by using all the advantages that the Internet gives.

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Contract Manufacturer

From 2017, CM International S.A. has realized many external projects as a Contract Manufacturer.

Our experienced team, is able to offer order execution according to customer requirements.
As a specialist in the production of electronic devices, CM is able to lead an external project fully manufactured in a Polish factory.
This starts with the design of the software and hardware, continues with certification by accredited bodies and ends with the production and delivery of the finished product to retailers’ shelves.

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Our Mission & Vision: Revolutionize the beauty industry

Technology is our weapon

It is not a coincidence that our devices are chosen by the most luxuries hotels, hospitals, dermatological clinics or SPA.
Our innovative technology is our strength.
Each stage of work is developed by our engineers. Having specialists in every field, production facilities and machine parks, we offer equipment fully made in Poland.