Board of Directors

Mariusz Kara
CEO & President
Michał Sebastian
Vice President
Anita Bernacka
Sales & Marketing
Aleksander Kmita
Grzegorz Duszyński
Aleksander Łubniewski
Barbara Rudek
Jarosław Zabielski

Our company


Standing out from the crowd can give you an edge over your competition that is why all our products are designed and manufactured from the beginning to the end in our factory.

Our Production facility consists of nearly 300 square meters and it is equipped with the newest technology which eneble us to produce high-tech products. Each process is planned in detail by our engineers and sent to a specific workstation via tablets.
The quality control process is divided into three separate processes, ensuring that specialized expertise is applied to each stage of our operation: Incoming Quality Control, In-Process Quality Control and Outgoing Quality Assurance.

After all, the machines are packed and sent to customers to make their work easier and more pleasant.



42 countries where our devices are available


Quality is one of the most important factors underlying success of aesthetic equipment manufacturers.

Therefore, CM International manufactured a device with attention to the smallest detail. Each part of the machine has been created by specialists who use only superior quality materials. The heads are made of ABS – high quality aluminium which is aerospace-grade, Poliamid or Staron® Solid Surfaces created by technology leader Samsung.

The second important benefit of the company is design. Unique, modern and simple – It makes the device
suits to any modern interior.

The problem with a big amount of cables and connectors has been solved by implementing single connector for all heads.

ISO 9001:2015


3000 devices work every day at beauty salons

Research. Development. Prototyping.

Dynamic expansion is possible through research and development of new technologies. R&D department creates new projects of devices, technology and it’s design. Moreover, it supervises and controls whole product creation process – from an idea through tests till final version.

The second dept that cooperates with R&D is Prototype department. It creates new design for all devices according to best ergonomics trends, functionality and modern look. It also adjusts new devices to manufacturing processes and its requirements.

Compared to other companies, we stand out because all products are designed and manufactured from the beginning to the end in our factory.


150 000 treatments performed each month

Machine Park

The ever growing market requirements, as well as the increasing customer awareness are the reasons why we accept no compromises in the field of quality.

Our modern headquarter has a large manufacturing facility. The use of the latest generation machines like CNCs and innovative solutions guarantees the final product will be the best possible.

The machines are constantly upgraded for many years – adequately to Customers’ expectations and requirements.





139 806 minutes made on M3 each month


Each year we spend about 300 hours in airplane to meet you personally. Everyone has their own story and we want to know them all. Every problem we treat like a challenge, that is why we are always sure that you can find everything you need in our portfolio. If not – give us some time – we will create it!


We do our best to participate together with our Business Partners at beauty exhibitions, workshops or presentations. We also provide a professional training for the stuff.
Our science facilities are rich in knowledge thanks to cooperation with AWF Wrocław ( University of Physical Education) and National Chamber of Cosmetology.



20 devices leaves our factory each week

Dream Job

We are so lucky! Our approach to business attracts passionate people who want to make a difference in the world through their work.
Our colleagues always say:

That’s my dream job!

If you are creative, passionate and interested in new technology – it means that you must join our team!