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Shockwaves are mechanical pressure waves that work on the tissue. Shockwave therapy is widely used to treat musculoskeletal problems. Shockwave is also a great therapy to fight cellulite and local excess fatty tissue. Pneumatic acoustic impulses generated during the treatment are used to break down fat cells and increase skin firmness and elasticity. The therapy stimulates metabolism, improves skin microcirculation and enables quick and effective body shaping. The treatment significantly removes cellulite and smoothes the skin.It is recommended in a series of treatments, combined with drainage treatments.

Check all options included in ATHOR:

Dedicated programs

You can find different programs for each body area.

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10 different tips

10 tips give you a wide range of treatments.

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Digital manual

Before you start, you can always check video manual on the screen.

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Internet connection

Athor is equipped with Reactify module

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Technical parameters


Power Rating  110-240V VAC, 47-63Hz, max. 550VA
Pulse energy  up to 180 mJ
Pulse frequency up to 16 Hz
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Available programs:

Cellulite: buttocks, saddlebags, Inner thigh, abdomen, arms

Muscle: arms, back, buttock, neck, achilles tendon, waist, calf

Other: palms, joints, acupoints, tendons, soles, spine


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