The first SMART aesthetic device in the world.
Multifunctional System up to 8 treatments



The M3 is the system that works in IoT (Internet of Things). It means that M3 collects, sends and acts on the data acquired thanks to the Internet Connection. On top of that, we are able to constantly update your software, diagnose any problems and provide advanced statistics. Enjoy the connection with M3!

Along with M3 you receive free access to the software management – Skinic. Now you can easily manage your beauty business and see all statistics from M3 system!


Check how many features you can receive together with just ONE device

One cable

Just 1 cable for all heads

One cable screen


Choose the stand according to your needs and space

Stand screen


Flexible arm gives you a wide range of possibilities

Arm screen


10 inch LCD with a user-friendly menu

Screen screen


Manage your business with SKINIC software

Skinic screen

Internet Connectivity

Your machine is always UP-TO-DATE

Internet Connectivity screen

Big or Small?

Choose the size according to your space

Big or Small? screen

8 treatments

There are 8 different treatments available

8 treatments screen
Technical parameters icon
Technical parameters
Ultrasound frequency 1MHz
Related Voltage 100 V – 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Rated current Max. 3,15A
Rated power Max. 660W
Fuses T1A (time-lag), T3,15A (time lag)
Adjustable intensity 5%-100%
Real Time Diagnostics icon
Real Time Diagnostics

Our technician can appear in beauty salon before you realize that the device doesn’t work properly. We give you a lifetime warranty.

Payment Methods icon
Payment Methods

Pay As You Go
pay for the actual machine working time
Fixed Price
pay monthly fee
Just Buy
buy your own machine
choose treatments that you are interested in