Lymphatic drainage machine


About PresoLimf device

Flowing of the lymph in a body is very slow and its circulation depends on the compression system. PresoLimf is a device that allows to perform a massage all over the body. The vacuum massage substantially stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid and removes impurity from the body. Pneumatic compression system removes toxins and swelling of the arms and legs which stimulate muscular system by shrinking and stretching. It also stimulates blood and lymph circulation. To this end, the program provides the air to the further sections located in a special suit sleeves. It progressively pressures on the body- from the circuits to the centre.

You can choose the best treatment method for you

Ascending program

This program automatically does a full Lymphatic Massage from the bottom to the top.

Ascending program screen

Ascending-Descending program

This program automatically does a full Ascending and Descending Massage (from the top to the bottom and then vice versa).

Ascending-Descending program screen

Pulsation program

This program automatically does a full Pulsating Massage using all the sections at once.

Pulsation program screen
Technical Parameters icon
Technical Parameters
Power supply: 230V
Power consumption: < 90W
Operating pressure range: 120 – 220m Bar
Pumping max pressure: < 10s
Suit deflation: 30s
Treatment time range: 10 min – 60 min
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The suit has 24 chambers placed on belly, legs and foot.

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