Nuximia - the first SMART laser in the world


About Nuximia

Forget about your hair. Now, you can remove it faster, better and painless! Nuximia has all features you can think of while choosing best available laser in the the beauty industry. Innovative technology, proven results and European quality combined in just one extraordinary device.
All those features are supported with already proven Reactify system. It means that we can monitor your laser 24/7.
So, do not worry about your machine – just work & have fun!

Check how many features you can receive together with Nuximia:


10 inch LCD with a user-friendly menu

Screen screen

Internet Connectivity

Your machine is always UP-TO-DATE

Internet Connectivity screen


Manage your business with SKINIC software

Skinic screen

Unique design

You can select the color of menu and backlight

Unique design screen
Technical parameters icon
Technical parameters
Power electrical: 800 W | optical: 280 W
Spot size 10 mm
Total energy 112 J
Fluence up to 112 J/cm2 at 400 ms pulse length
Pulse length 0 – 400 ms
Frequency 1 – 10 Hz
Cooling system capacity –4 ℃ minimum
Shots per lamp over 10 millions
Diagnostics icon

Our technician can appear in beauty salon before you realize that the device doesn’t work properly.

Payment Method icon
Payment Method

Pay As You Go
pay for the actual shots
Fixed Price
pay monthly fee
Just Buy
buy your own machine